What Home Care Could Have Changed

During the Singtel Future Makers Program Closing Ceremony, our CTO, Aaron, shared a personal experience that many people could relate to:

15 years ago my grandfather passed away from brain cancer. Four years before that, he was consistently going in and out of the hospital. I think those four years were really impactful period of my life. I remember a lot of things. I remember that initial stress and sadness that my family had when he was diagnosed.

Do you guys remember when the HDB lifts did not stop at every floor? I remember that very well. I remember that very well because my dad had to carry my grandfather in the wheelchair up three flights of stairs. I remember waking up at 2 am along with my parents because my grandfather pulled out his feeding tube, and they had to rush to the hospital. I remember the mad scramble it was to find a vehicle that could take a wheelchair so that they can move him around. Whether it is for regular or emergency or it is just a visit to the dentist. I also remember the feeling that my grandfather had when we brought him home from the hospital. I remember how happy he was to be at home. I remember when he was passing on, and all my uncles and aunties were there. I remember the last words he said, I remember the last words my father said. When I look at that, we realise that healthcare is world-class in institutions but outside of that, when we go back to our homes, to the place that we love, the place that we have to be, healthcare isn’t as readily available. 

Aaron, our CTO, sharing his personal experience with distinguished guests.


This is why Jaga-Me exists. We want to help people struggling with home care.

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