Nurses who empower patients to care for themselves

As a nurse, Serene finds “empowering patients to care for themselves” to be the most fulfilling thing. She strives to give patients an understanding of their condition and how to care for themselves because she believes that doing so helps to prevent further emotional downward spiral.

Now, Serene contributes to community nursing through Jaga-Me a in home, on-demand healthcare provider, where she cares for several patients in their homes. One of her favorite memories at Jaga-Me ? Having a surprise celebration for one of her patients on Mother’s Day and simply interacting with her patients.

Beyond Jaga-Me, Serene is passionate about bringing healthcare to needy patients, even abroad. She enjoys heading for overseas medical missions, using her experience built up at an eye specialist clinic to benefit local residents.

So what keeps her with Jaga-Me? Serene says, “well, both the pay and working hours are good!” She added that “Jaga-Me’s nursing jobs are one of the highest paying in the sector.” Serene also highlights the flexible working hours as one of the best things about working as a freelance nurse. This is important to her as she has other interests and commitments, such as developing an app to aid caregivers in caring for their loved ones.

“Both the pay and working hours are good!” – Serene