Nurse Caregiving

Have our trusted nurses take on the care of your loved one for a few hours so you can run errands, meet people, or simply rest and recharge.

What is Nurse Caregiving?

Does your loved one require medical care at home? Our JagaPro nurses are able to provide nurse caregiving for your loved ones at home. Our licensed nurses are also able to provide a variety of medical services such as tube feeding, simple wound management, tracheostomy care*.


*Additional charges apply for nursing procedures during caregiving appointments.

How can we help?

How can our JagaPros help?

  • Personal Care & Hygiene
    Assistance with grooming, bathing, and toileting – always respectful and professional
  • Activities of Daily Living
    Assistance in eating, dressing, and getting around
  • Medication Reminders
    Timely prompts to take medication, drink water, and other daily wellness needs
  • Staying Active
    Support to keep you or your loved one moving and healthy, through simple walks and exercises
  • Companionship
    Chatting, doing activities, or simply being there to support social needs
  • Nursing Procedures (Additional charges apply)
    Tube feeding, simple wound management, tracheostomy, stoma and catheter and drain care as well as oral suctioning

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Minimum 6 hours



Minimum 6 hours

Public Holidays


Minimum 6 hours

The price stated includes 9% GST and applies to services rendered from 1st Jan 2024.

Why get caregiving services at home?

Post-hospitalisation care

Post-hospitalisation care

Receive expert care during this crucial time to ensure a proper transition from hospital to home
Alternative to nursing home

Alternative to nursing home

Spend extra time with your loved one by getting the necessary care in the comfort of your own home. Especially for palliative home care in Singapore.
Caregiver support

Caregiver support

Let our professional JagaPros care for your loved one while you rest and recharge.
When the helper is away

When the helper is away

Get the professional support you need when your domestic helpers are away and you cannot find a stand-in healthcare assistant in Singapore for that short period.
Updates to Jaga-Me Caregiving and Home Medical Services from 1 Nov 2023. Read more.