Telemedicine in Singapore

Get on an online teleconsultation with our doctors in Singapore to treat your medical conditions in the comfort of your home.

Why Consult a Doctor Virtually?

Down with the flu? Need medications or a medical certificate? Skip the clinic queues and avoid possible exposure to viruses by staying at home and having a teleconsultation with our Singapore-licensed doctors. We also offer telemedicine services in Singapore to provide you with required medical assistance remotely.

Get access to better healthcare assessment virtually without visiting hospitals and standing in queues waiting for your turn. Through teleconsultation, you can not only save your commuting costs and appointment waiting time, but you can also eliminate risks of getting infected. For any general consultation or medicine requirements, our Jaga-Me doctors can provide you with the required medical assistance within minutes.

Let us come to you virtually and attend to your medical needs, starting from only $21.60 (after GST) with free medicine delivery through our telemedicine providers.

Our doctors are available from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Begin your teleconsultation with our Jaga-Me doctor on WhatsApp today!

How can we help?

What can we provide via telemedicine?

Telemedicines companies like Jaga-Me in Singapore can fulfil all your medical requirements on the go. Here is how our doctors can serve you through teleconsultation:

  • General Consultation
  • Register COVID-19 positive patients into MOH’s Home Recovery Program
  • Medical Certification for absence from work or school
  • Doctor Memos
  • Prescription and Delivery of Medication *subject to availability

Note: This service is not appropriate if your request constitutes an emergency (symptoms such as bleeding, shortness of breath, cardiac arrest). In case of emergency, please call 995.



*GST is included. Not inclusive of medications.

Why have a telemedicine with us?

Skip Queues

Skip Queues

Avoid waiting in long lines at clinics or hospitals
Stay Home

Stay Home

Avoid possible exposure to viruses by staying home
Qualified Doctors

Qualified Doctors

Allow our certified doctors to diagnose your condition
Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Enjoy free delivery of medication to your doorstep
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