Jaga-Me Supports Healthcare Professionals’ Freedom From Harassment


Jaga-Me read with grave concern a recent report of how a man sexually assaulted a private nurse (Channel NewsAsia, 28 August 2017: Managing director found guilty of sexually assaulting nurse of cancer-stricken wife). We assert that act of the alleged harasser is abhorrent, and Jaga-Me has zero tolerance for any form of harassment towards our healthcare professionals (‘JagaPros’) in the field.

Jaga-Me values each of our JagaPros as part of the Jaga-Me family, and we are committed to protecting their safety and well-being as they serve patients and their families at their homes. We will, therefore, make every reasonable effort to minimize potential risks to our JagaPros, as part of our workplace harassment prevention policy and protocol.

This policy and protocol aims to help our JagaPros identify risks more vigilantly, escalate concerns more quickly, and act more decisively for their safety. At the same time, Jaga-Me will take every reasonable precaution to protect our JagaPros from physical injury or harassment, the moment we assess that violence or harassment is a risk to them.

Jaga-Me is committed to allotting whatever time, attention, and resources necessary to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and clients, so that we can enable access to quality care in our communities.


Head of Clinical Operations