Join us in shaping the future of healthcare

We believe in a future where healthcare is a team sport – where nurses, doctors, engineers, social workers, families, work together for the best of those in need of care.

We invest heavily in tech. But at the same time, we believe healthcare should be fundamentally human. Our work is focused on bringing out the best in people while automating what humans are naturally bad at.

Join as a Nurse

Keen to practice community nursing? Value autonomy and one-to-one patient time? This is your opportunity to challenge yourself as an independent community nurse.

What it takes:

  • 3 years of nursing practice in hospitals
  • Valid SNB license
  • Valid Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certificate
  • Singaporean or Permanent Resident preferred

Join as a Care Aide

Keen to practice holistic caregiving but not a nurse (or don’t meet the requirements to join us as a nurse yet)?

Join as a Care Aide – deploy your caregiving skills to help give families a peace of mind.

What it takes:

  • Singaporean or Permanent Resident preferred
  • Min. 1 year full time work or experience 
  • One of the following qualifications:
    • WSQ Higher Certificate In Healthcare Support (Nursing Care)
    • ITE Certificate in Health Care
    • Nursing qualification with experience less than 3 years

Join the Core Team

Join the team that drives the mission. Keep the Jaga-Me engine running by coordinating and pulling everything together. Drive experiments, craft strategies and develop new products to push the boundaries of healthcare.

Min. Requirements:

  • A* Team Player
  • Willing to put all hands on deck and go beyond
  • Believes that home-based care is the future of healthcare
  • Ready to contribute energy, ideas and fun to the team