Here’s to our Nurses ? Jaga-Me awarded among the Best Home Care Operators in Asia

Today is International Nurses Day, and as a company built on a strong foundation set by our community nurses, I would like to take the opportunity to give thanks and recognize them:

To each and every one of our JagaPro Nurses serving our community across Singapore:  Thank you for your ceaseless dedication to our patients and their families.

For our patients, you have sacrificed your leisure, family time, and even your sleep – to provide care that is within their reach.  You have endured stress during critical periods of care, and remained vigilant over your patients even during the late watches of the night, while they rested.  You have continued to train and upgrade yourselves so that you can practice at the top of your license, as well as harness the technologies that our technologists have developed.

Enthusiastic smiles after a training session to empower nurses in our community with palliative care techniques.

Yet, you have gained something far more valuable: friendship and trust of those whom you care for. You have gained, as it were – grandfathers and grandmothers, and even younger sisters and brothers – many of whom have considered you their own, in their most vulnerable moments of need.

It is with this gratitude, that I honor each of you as invaluable members of team Jaga-Me, even as the APAC Eldercare Innovation Awards honored us as a finalist for the category: Best Home Care Operator.  Despite how we are are young as a team, within a year of our service our collective strengths have placed us alongside established partners and friends like TOUCH Community Services, and Farrer Park Hospital.  This is no mean feat, and you should be proud of what you have achieved in Jaga-Me.

On behalf of team Jaga-Me and our JagaPro community 

We are even more honored to be found worthy to serve alongside partners such as HCA Hospice Care (the largest home hospice provider in Singapore), who have not only shared the sacred duty of palliative patient care with us, but also contribute to the building up of our collective know-how in palliative care. We are very thankful to the HCA team for this privilege.

Jaga-Me + HCA

Let’s continue to press on towards our mission of enabling access to quality healthcare at home, and empowering the community to care.  We are making significant bounds in our social impact objective, to make the ‘luxury’ of home care accessible even to the needy, through initiatives such as Project Going Home.  Let’s continue to serve our patients in the community and our partners with dedication and skill, and always be sure to let me or my team know if we can help you in any way to achieve this.




Happy International Nurses Day! From all of us at Jaga-Me HQ !