Data Security

Customer trust and data security are critical to everything we do at Jaga-Me.

People Security
  • Employee Vetting
    At Jaga-Me, we personally screen and vet every employee and JagaPro that joins our team. On top of background checks to ensure safety, we make sure they have the right attitudes and work ethics.
  • Confidentiality
    All employee and JagaPro contracts include a confidentiality agreement.
  • Training
    All employees go through Security and Awareness training to ensure that they understand the importance of security and the necessary processes in place.
  • Policies
    Jaga-Me has developed a comprehensive set of security policies covering a range of topics. These policies are updated frequently and shared with all employees.
Product Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Everyone on our team has two-factor authentication setup for their accounts where possible, which means that nobody can access their accounts without a security code sent to our mobile devices at the time of attempted login.
  • PCI Compliance
    All payments and credit card information made to Jaga-Me go through our partner, Stripe. Details about their security setup and PCI compliance can be found at Stripe’s security page.
  • Limited Access
    We only request and store as much information as necessary for us to render the best care possible for you and your patients.
  • Access Controls
    Patient information is only shared to the care teams involved, and only for the period of care. Access to this information is revoked after the care has been rendered.
Infrastructure Security
  • Data Hosting and Security
    Jaga-Me chooses best of breed infrastructures for hosting our applications and data. Jaga-Me’s patient data are hosted in industry leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS), facilities in Singapore.
  • Data Encryption
    All data stored with Jaga-Me is encrypted at rest and in transit. We use the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data.
  • Secure Connections
    All communication between your computer, Jaga-Me and within our infrastructure are encrypted using industry standard HTTPS/SSL.
  • Automated Monitoring
    We run multiple security and configuration monitoring on our infrastructure regularly, to ensure that our platform adheres to security best practices.
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