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We believe in the importance of the human touch. That is why we invest in building up a solid team of nurses and care aides who are both technically skilled and caring at heart.
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Courteous and helpful

Respond team v courteous. Booking last minutes also no complain. Would go ahead to try to fulfill need. My father in law Mr Lee, 91 years old, is wheelchair bound and heavy over 100 kilo. Helper always try their best to fulfill needs. This arrangement allows my Cambodia helper to relax and refocus on her duties upon return. Saves a lot. With gratitude,

Robin Tan
It is a service I highly recommend to others

All we wanted was for the best medical attention for our mother, and her complete recovery. The most important factor in decision-making for us was the experience of nurses to handle the illnesses of the patient and their age. The nurses at Jaga-Me are kind and caring. It is a service I highly recommend to others in the same situation”

Highly recommended

Very responsive, able to fulfil every request that was put up. Caregivers were really nice & patient, providing us with the relevant knowledge.

AiTing Lai

Award Winning

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