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Our JagaPros include our Doctors, Nurses and Care Assistants. We believe in the importance of the human touch for patients. And we understand how difficult it can be, especially when you have a homebound patient who requires constant specialised care. It can be a hassle to constantly visit hospitals or clinics for regular health care and checkup services. All you want for your loved one is to get the best medical or home care possible in the most compassionate and understanding manner. That is why we invest in building up a solid team of Doctors, Nurses, Care Assistants and Care Navigators who are both technically skilled and caring at heart. We are a trusted mobile medical and home care provider in Singapore known for our commitment to excellence.
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Big thank you to Jaga-Me

Excellent service. My mum had a fall and needed urgent wound care service. I found Jaga-Me and after assessing my mum's condition, they sent their nurse within hours. The nurse did the dressing for my mum gently and ensured that my mum is feeling comfortable during the process. She also shared some of the better consumables that we can purchase at the pharmacy. She even spoke to my mum in Hokkien!

Guat Hwa L.
Quality care

They came as swiftly as possible, in the pouring rain, to assist us with kind spirits and knowing hands. It gave us so much relief from the worry and discomfort that my mum was facing. They handled the situation and helped see to her needs, left us with clear instructions, education, and assurance of the situation. Thank you so much!

Lee A.
Excellent nurse

Your nurse demonstrated professionalism in every aspect, in how she relates to the family members and in giving her best in caring for the patient, always putting the patient's interest and comfort above her inconvenience. She exhibits confidence, is knowledgeable, reliable, and has a very positive and humble attitude. My family is very blessed to have her weekly assistance, and we know we can entrust the patient to her care. Will highly recommend Jaga-Me to anyone looking for a home nurse.

Siew Hong L.

Award Winning

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