Exercise Plans: Tips for Committing

When it comes to keeping healthy, exercise is one of the best ways to do so. Keeping active has a multitude of benefits, but with the pace of modern life, it can be hard to keep to a routine. In fact, the 2019 National Public Health Survey findings revealed that 19.9% of Singaporeans (aged 18-75) were not sufficiently active.

Despite taking into account physical activity at work, commuting, and leisure-time physical activities, the recommended moderate exercise duration of 150 minutes or 30 minutes a day for five days a week were not being met. That has to change.

Benefits of Exercise

With regular physical activity, one can expect plenty of benefits that can affect your daily life. Weight management is an obvious beneficiary of exercise, keeping you fighting fit and strong.

This also affects the health of your vital organs, such as increasing the blood flow to your heart, lungs, and help to keep blood vessels in good condition. Your muscles and bones will also become stronger over time.

With a healthy weight and strong vitals, one is less susceptible to diseases. Diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, or conditions like high blood pressure and strokes are more likely to be kept at bay with exercise.

Physical activity can do wonders for mental health too. People who exercise regularly have reported enhanced emotional and psychological well-being, with an improvement to their self-esteem as well. Endorphins released during exercise can be a good mood booster whenever you need it.

Simple Exercises to Start

No one is saying you need to hit the gym every single day to stay healthy, but making small changes can help in the long run. Based on the activities that may occur during the day, you can implement different short exercises into your daily routine:

  • Dance to your favourite songs
  • Take a brisk walk at the park
  • Walk or cycle to work
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators
  • Cycle to the grocery store
  • Do active housework such as mopping
  • Do jumping jacks as you watch television
  • Exercise with a workout buddy or colleague

Tips to Help You Commit to Exercise

Just like the simple exercises, starting small is a great way to kickstart your journey to better health. Once you have made it a habit, exercise will become much easier to get into.

Start by doing exercises that you love and enjoy, such as a power walk or taking a ride on the bicycle. If you enjoy what you do, you will encounter less resistance.  You can then start planning or scheduling such sessions to formalise your routine. By making an effort to find the time and space which works best for you,  you will be able to smoothen the process of your exercising journey.

Do not think about sweating it out every single time, any form of exercise, even a quick one, can play a part in bettering your health. For added motivation, get a workout buddy to encourage you to keep going, and celebrate every successful session. Only by being motivated and staying positive can you keep driving forward.

Make a Commitment Today

With the understanding that exercise is paramount to better health, the best time to start is today! Start small and celebrate every victory, and before long, you will be exercising regularly and reaping the many benefits that come along with it.

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