Project Going Home: Help Needy Terminal Patients Go Home To Be With Their Families

Jaga-Me was founded with the mission of enabling access to quality healthcare at home. And as a social enterprise, Jaga-Me has helped hundreds of family caregivers obtain nursing and caregiving services at home, through our on-demand platform. We’ve also been actively serving home palliative care needs, for which Jaga-Me was featured in the Straits Times.

Access also means making our services affordable to as many people as possible. This is an obvious challenge in the absence of public funding for the home care services we enable. And that’s why we started Project Going Home together with the support of Singtel, and HCA Hospice Care:

Project Going Home – is a campaign to help needy terminal patients fulfil their wish to go home to be with their families.

Caring for a loved one with a terminal illness is never a trivial task. Most of the time, family caregivers do not know how to care for them, this makes it very difficult for them to give their fading family member the type of love and serenity they truly desire to give. This is where professional support from nurses at home is keyBut many families cannot afford it, especially for extended hours.

With your help, Jaga-me will be able to provide FREE professional home nursing respite care to 20 needy patients in their last days. Your support will help the family to focus on loving one another and having their last sweet moments together, while licensed and local nurses provide specialised care.

100% of all donations will be used for professional home nursing care for these families. And our partner Singtel will match your contribution 1-for-1!

Would you be so kind as to support Project Going Home by sharing or giving at ? It will make a difference.

With appreciation from all of us at Jaga-Me,