Ease your caregiving journey.
Get 10% OFF when you Pre-Pay.

Save when you purchase 1000 JagaCredits and above

Ideal for regular visits or long hours

Getting reliable care services at home for the long term can be financially straining. That is why we introduced JagaCredits.

Buy 1,000 JagaCredits and above (that can be used later for ALL services) and save 10%!

(e.g. Buy 1,000 JagaCredits, pay only $900)

1,000 JagaCredits = how many visits?

It really depends on how many visits you need and the duration for each visit. The easiest way is to calculate using our cost calculator.

Here are some examples:

Nurse Caregiving  

Help with daily activities with nurse oversight and expertise

Long Hours

12hours per session

No. of Visits: 3

Moderate Hours

6hours per session

No. of Visits: 5

Short Hours

3hours per session

No. of Visits: 10

Non-Medical Caregiving

Help with daily activities without nurse oversight and expertise

Long Hours

12hours per session

No. of Visits: 3

Moderate Hours

6hours per session

No. of Visits: 7

Short Hours

3hours per session

No. of Visits: 12


Nursing Procedures

Wound care, Injections/IV, Changing of Catheter, Feeding Tubes etc

Regular Procedures

1 Procedure per session

No. of Visits: 10

*Prices vary based on number of hours requested. Additional charges apply during public holidays and for urgent service requests to be rendered within 2 hours. Prices exclude GST. GST charges will be reflected in payment invoice.

How to get 10% OFF


Calculate the costs of your needs 

Use our pricing calculator to estimate how much you will need to pay for the services you need.


Create account or login

This is your centralised Jaga-Me account and allows you to book visits, manage your appointments, track billings, and more. 


Request JagaCredits Top-up

Select the amount you need and state the payment method preferred. We accept credit card, bank transfer, and cheque.

We will get back to you with a confirmation and invoice within 1-2 working days, along with instructions on how to make the payment.

Once payment is made, an email receipt will be issued.


Use services as per normal

Once your payment is approved (1-2 working days), we will notify you and your JagaCredits will be made available. From then on, future payments will automatically deduct from your Jaga-Credits. 

You can track how much credits you have remaining by logging in again.

Any combination of services.
Any time you want. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what sessions you need yet. Our JagaCredits which are as flexible as cash – they can be used for any services, any time.

You can buy credits based on a rough estimate first, and then decide exactly how to use it later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are JagaCredits?

Think of them as a virtual wallet for Jaga-Me’s services. Top-up once, and we will automatically deduct from your JagaCredits the next time you use our services. No more constantly go to the bank or issue a cheque for every visit again.

A discount of 10% will be automatically applied. (e.g. if you buy 1,000 JagaCredits, you only pay $900)

Will credits expire?

Jaga-Credits will expire if they are not utilised for a period of 6 months. 

E.g. if the last session customer used the credits was on 1 January and he did not use again for a period 6 months, it will expire after 1 July. 

E.g. if the customer continuously use their credits, it will not expire.

What can the credits be used for?

Jaga-Credits can be used for all of our services as listed on this website. Note that they cannot be used for consumables or products from JagaStore.

How do I use the credits?

Once your credits are in (you can see them reflected in the customer portal when you login), JagaCredits will automatically be used as your primary mode of payment. You won’t need to lift a finger for payments again (until you run out of credits).

Can unused credits be refunded?

Yes. However, note that a processing and administrative fee of 15% of your remaining Jaga-Credits, or $50, whichever is higher, will be deducted.

What if your JagaCredits are not enough?

If your JagaCredits are not enough to fully pay for the services rendered, we will inform you via email to check if you wish to top up your JagaCredits. If you do not wish to, the remaining amount will have to be paid via the payment methods stated in the invoice.