Colon cancer home care in Singapore

The three most common gastrointestinal cancers affecting both men and women in Singapore are those of the colorectum, liver and pancreas. These accounted for 24% of the 23,632 new cases diagnosed in 2020. Additionally, figures from recent years show that colorectal cancer affects more than 2,000 individuals a year even though early screening is highly encouraged.

While colon cancer need not necessarily be a death sentence for patients, late stage patients might require round the clock care in hospitals, which drastically reduces their quality of life after diagnosis. To ensure that patients are comfortable during their remaining days, most family members opt for home care services so that patients are able to rest and recuperate in the comfort of their own homes.

How can Jaga-Me Help?

At Jaga-Me, we believe that healthcare should be a social good – it is a basic human need, and should be available to as many people as possible. We aim to deliver the highest quality care through innovation and a commitment to building meaningful relationships.

With our home care services specially tailored to the varying needs of colon cancer patients in Singapore, you can save travelling and long wait times at the hospitals as we are able to administer specialised medical treatments at your homes.

Our at-home medical services include:

– Urinary Catheterisation

– Change of colostomy bag

– Nasogastric (NG) Feeding Tube

– IV Infusion Therapy

If your loved one has just undergone surgery for colon cancer, our professional nurses are also able to assist the patient with changing of wound dressing, removal of stitches or accompanying the patient to follow-ups or medical appointments as a medical escort.