Cancer Care at Home

Home Care is an option for cancer patients to recuperate or spend their last few days in the comfort of their home. At Jaga-Me, we aim to optimize our patient’s quality of life and empower caregivers in providing care for their loved ones. Find out how you can care better for your loved one with cancer at home.

Key Lifestyle Changes

Cancer is a disease that happens when there is abnormal cell growth in our body. Without immediate treatment, it can lead to death. Cancer patients will have to adapt to a new daily routine of countless medical appointments, trips to the hospital and experiencing side effects from treatment. With countless changes happening, home care services can step in to provide some sense of familiarity in your life. Jaga-Me offers home respite care and professional nursing procedures so your loved one can get quality care at home.

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Need help with caring for your loved one?

We’re here to help. Get care for your loved ones at home with our at-home caregiving services for cancer patients, or get assistance from our nurses for professional medical procedures.

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How Can Jaga-Me Help?

At Jaga-Me, we aim to make healthcare accessible to everyone. We provide on-demand quality home care services for cancer patients. We are here to share your caregiving responsibility or simply be there to provide any form of support for you and your loved one. So…how can we help you?

Medical Procedures

Jaga-Me provides at-home care services for cancer patients. If you need any support with regards to nursing procedures e.g. IV drips, wound dressings or pain medications, you can engage with our home care services.

  • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Dressing

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) is used for simple administration of medication (e.g. antibiotics) or taking of blood samples from the patient. Your doctor will determine whether you need to have a PICC for your cancer treatment.

Home Respite Care

Caring for a cancer patient can be taxing. Caregivers who need support or relief from their caregiving responsibility can consider respite care. Jaga-Me’s respite care is designed to provide relief for both caregivers and care recipients. Caregivers can have a worry-free day or a good night’s sleep while we take care of your loved one. And your loved one can receive quality care right at home.

Medical Escort Service

Unable to accompany your loved ones to their medical appointments? You can engage Jaga-Me’s Medical Escort Service. Our nurses or care aides will be with your loved one throughout the process – from booking a taxi to the doctor’s visit and medication collection. Have a worry-free day as our JagaPros accompany your loved one to their medical appointments!

Palliative Care Option

Many people have the misconception that palliative care is for patients who are near death. However, palliative care options can be introduced at the early stages of cancer treatment. Palliative care helps manage the various side effects of chemotherapy treatment. It is a holistic care that provides patients with a more comfortable journey to recovery. Check out our comprehensive palliative care guide on how you can receive palliative care in the comfort of your home.

Managing the Side Effects of Cancer


  • Cancer pain can be managed through pain medication as prescribed by your doctor. Seek help from your loved one’s nurse/doctor immediately if pain worsens or persists.
  • Pain medications are administered based on the level of pain your loved one is experiencing. If you or your loved one need help in administering pain medication through injections, you can find out more about Jaga-Me’s at-home clinical procedure services here.

Hair Loss

  • Hair loss is an inevitable side effect of chemotherapy treatment.
  • Provide emotional support for your loved one if they need a listening ear. It is important for cancer patients to seek emotional support or confide in a counsellor.
  • Other alternatives you or your loved one can try out are wigs, scarves or hats. Try and see which option fits you or your loved one best!