Jaga-Me: A New Year, A New Look

At Jaga-Me, our purpose is to place the individual patient back into the centre of healthcare. You and your family are our priority and we work to care and love for you and your family. In order to reflect our mission and values more clearly, we embarked on an exciting brand refresh, starting with a new logo!

You’ve seen it around – now, here’s the story behind our new logo!


Understanding Our New Logo

Our new logo consists of two distinct portions:



The “Jaga” represents our set of core values, which is to care and protect. This stays true to the meaning of the local Singapore vernacular, and to our belief that healthcare should be in our community.

The heart-shaped graphic surrounding “Me” represents Jaga-Me’s dedication to placing people at the centre of care – this means our platform and services are focused on helping seniors, patients and their families receive the best care possible at home.

The “M” within “Me” is modeled after a heartbeat signal, which represents our dedication to quality healthcare as health professionals of Jaga-Me. It also highlights the trusted relationship we have with hospitals and public care providers that we work with (see examples here), in order to provide quality patient care at home.


Comparing Our Logos

Comparing our previous logo to our new one, the new design configuration emphasizes three points:

  1. Our heartfelt commitment to care and protect you and your loved ones
  2. Our heartfelt commitment to enabling person-centered care, at home
  3. Our dedication to quality care befitting of our calling as healthcare professionals


Towards A Future Together

As the saying goes, “A picture says a thousand words”. A logo is a picture that communicates everything that a company stands for and believes in. Like all things we do here at Jaga-Me, this logo re-design was done to solidify our commitments to you. We wanted our logo to include you too! To remind ourselves that we are right by your side to Jaga you and that our partnership with you and your families are centre to our identity and business.

In the weeks to come, we will be rolling out more of our brand refresh and we hope to update you as it happens! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our logo, just as you will enjoy our services!


Aaron, Co-founder of Jaga-Me