Jaga Pro Nurse of the Month: Nuraini

Long before becoming the exceptional nurse she is today, Nuraini had a different dream while growing up.

“I actually wanted to be a policewoman when I was young”, said Nuraini, “but circumstances changed when my late maternal grandmother fell ill a few years ago. I took up nursing because of her”.

With her grandmother as her driving force, she graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic, and went on to further her studies, obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Gerontology and a Bachelors in Nursing.


Fast forward to today, what fuels Nuraini’s enthusiasm for work is her passion for providing care. “Interacting with the elderly is what I like most about being a nurse!” said Nuraini. Her passion has been reflected in her work through the genuine care she gives, which has garnered much positive feedback from the patients and their families.


“Working with Jaga-Me makes me a better and happier nurse!”

Flexible hours and opportunity for 1-on-1 patient care were what drew Nuraini to Jaga-me. “I’m happy to work with Jaga-Me, because the care coordinator takes into full consideration of both the nurse and the patient”, she said, “Working with Jaga-Me makes me a better and happier nurse!”

Aside from caring for patients, Nuraini is also an avid reader, and a Zumba enthusiast. This flexibility allows her to pursue other interests, such as swimming, participating in marathons, and volunteering. Working with a flexible schedule has allowed her to spend time with those important to her, like her best friends, and her 4 cats!

Having been in the nursing scene for over a decade, Nuraini would like to encourage all caregivers out there, “Be patient! It’s tough, but hang in there.” It is with great pleasure that she has chosen to be a part of Jaga-Me’s team, and we hope only the best for Nuraini as she continues to pursue her passion!

Think you have what it takes to join Nuraini on Jaga-Me’s team of exceptional nurses? 🙂

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