Jaga-Me Partners Income Silver Secure

Income Silver Secure

Jaga-Me and NTUC Income have been partners since the beginning. Jaga-Me’s ability to improve the lives of hundreds of Singaporeans through high-quality and on-demand home nursing care, was made possible through the Income’s Future Starter $100K Challenge last year. Today marks a brand new milestone as we partner Income to benefit their policyholders.

What Jaga-Me and Income have in common is a concern for Singaporean’s health, wellness, and life. In early 2016, Income’s product team visited our office to brainstorm about aging in Singapore, and to put our minds together to see how to improve the experience of the elderly and their caregivers.

Together, we realized that costs of care were increasing, and people were struggling to cope. The team from Income was progressive enough to build a new policy product that would help individuals in the prime of their working lives prepare for potential elder care they might require, even home care. This was the beginning of Silver Secure.

As a partner, Jaga-Me saw the opportunity to extend a special bundle of our service offerings, not only to the policyholder, but to their elderly parents as well. That’s why Jaga-Me is partnering NTUC Income to provide Silver Secure policyholders with a special 15% discount on our Skilled Nursing, Nursing Respite Care, and Medical Escort services.

This partnership is part of our shared commitment to make quality care accessible in our own communities. So, now even while Income Silver Secure takes care of your future eldercare expenses, your loved ones can get care you can count on from Jaga-Me, today!

Wishing you the best of health,