An intern’s thoughts following Jaga-Me nurses on home visits: Kaiyan

Working at the Jaga-Me family is all about understanding why we do what we do. We constantly strive to work using our core values to:

1. Bring quality care to homes,

2. Empower communities to care,

3. Enable accessible healthcare to all.

Which is why our co-founders always encouraged us, as an intern, to tag-along our Jaga-Me nurses to their home visits when the opportunity arises, so that we can understand and experience first hand how our clients receive home care help for us.

To be able to be in such humbling situations, the Jaga interns are really excited to share with you some of our reflections and thoughts on our respective individual home visits.

Here, we have Kaiyan to share with us her reflections when she went for her home visit!

Kai Yan

Position: Tech Jedi

Role: Plan and design UI/UX of Jaga-Me customer portal

Hi, I am Kaiyan, a tech team intern for Jaga-me! I followed a home procedural case for the changing of Nasogastric tube for an elderly patient who was bed bound. The patient was initially already bed bound due to muscular degeneration and a gradual loss of ability to move. After some time, she lost her ability to chew as well, which is why she needed a nasogastric tube to feed her.

Watching the procedure was something really new to me. The tube was so much longer than I expected. For the nurse to have to insert the tube through, I could tell that the patient was a little uncomfortable. However, I thought that she still handled it really well and heaved a small sigh of relief after it was successfully inserted.

Seeing the nurse in action was inspiring. As a home care nurse, she was extremely professional. She not only knew the procedure at the back of her hand, she could also answer the caregiver’s questions about the procedure or about the items they were using. At one point, the family was asking about what brand of tubes should be used, and she was knowledgeable enough to advise them on which is more suitable and where they could get the tubes.

Also, there was one instance where the domestic helper was showing her how she feeds the patient. The nurse was able to suggest tips for the maid to make feeding easier. For example, she mentioned that water could be used to wash the milk down the feeding tube before giving the medicine, so that the tube does not get clogged since both the milk and the medicine are rather viscous. Her knowledge and expertise really helped provide the family with a broader understanding of the procedure, as they were first timers with respect to changing of the NGT.

The way ling carried herself, the way she exuded confidence when she did the procedure and talked to the family, really made the family feel assured and more at ease. This was something I really appreciated, and admired of her, even though I was not the patient or the family.

Secondly, this home visit really made me realise the fragility of human life. Watching the entire procedure allowed me to see how uncomfortable it can be, and that falling ill is not be something we can fully preempt and prevent ourselves from.

Which is why with the advent of home care services, I’m hopeful about Singapore’s healthcare scene. Home care is more personal and can be tailored to the needs of every individual and their families. It makes each family feel safe, according to their own lifestyle and schedule, which is what Jaga-Me definitely hopes to achieve. This visit allowed me to fully appreciate what it means to have quality Nursing care services.

Really thankful to have been given this opportunity to tag-along a Jaga-Me nurse for their home care visit. Here is to playing a part in ensuring that Jaga-Me continues to deliver safe, dependable and professional home care help to people who need them!

If you are a caregiver that requires respite care or long term home care for a loved one who requires more medical attention, do check out our website here, or call our clinical hotline at 8498 4598 to find out more about what kind of home care is most suitable for your family. Our Jaga-Pros (nurses) and care coordinators are experienced and qualified to give you the best suggestions and help you get the best home care you deserve for you and your family. Also, do check us out on our Facebook page to get more Jaga-resources that may provide useful information for your caregiving journey.