How Our Interns Transform Home Care With Jaga-Me

Hi everyone! I’m Andrea from the NUS School of Business, and am now based in Shanghai with the NUS Overseas Colleges Program (Batch 26). I was part of the Jaga-Me team as an intern from February to June 2016, but I remain part of the team unofficially, even after my internship!

Although it has been 4 months since I have left, I think of Jaga-Me often when I am doing my internship in Shanghai and also when I am doing my NOC modules. This is because I have gained so much from the experience in Jaga-Me, learning about start-ups, business models, customer development, marketing and the list goes on!


Representing Jaga-Me as a TOP100 startup at Echelon 2016! From left: Jiahui, Andrea, Aaron, Julian

As an aspiring social entrepreneur, Jaga-Me was the obvious choice for me when I was applying for an internship before leaving for my year-long NOC experience. I was attracted to how it solves pressing issues in the healthcare industry, in love with the way it creates social impact while being sustainable financially at the same time. I felt that there was so much to learn and I was certainly not disappointed.

The best thing about Jaga-Me is definitely the founders who are always there to mentor you, provide you with the opportunities and space to try something new and even crack jokes! Working with them and the rest of the team (who all have a big heart) to transform the healthcare experience was definitely an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

So dear friends/juniors/fellow change makers, I highly recommend joining the team if you’re interested! Feel free to contact me via email at if you have any questions~

(Shout-out to Julian, Ling Ling, Aaron, Japhia, Catherine and Jia Hui: Thank you for such an awesome experience! Looking forward to catching up with you guys soon~)


Meeting MP Denise Phua at an event for caregivers – one of many great memories as an intern!