Mental Capacity Assessment

A Mental Capacity Assessment is needed when the next-of-kin wants to apply or handle monetary payouts from long-term care schemes for family members who are deemed mentally unwell and unable to make executive decision and self-care.

What is a Mental Capacity Assessment?

Mental capacity is assessed according to the ability of a person to make a specific decision at the time the decision needs to be made. The fact that a person is able to retain the information relevant to a decision for a short period only does not prevent him from being regarded as able to make the decision.

A thorough Mental Capacity Assessment includes a detailed history, mental state examination and physical examination.

What are the different types of Mental Incapacity?

Permanent Incapacity
– A persistent vegetative state
– End stages of Alzheimer’s disease

Temporary Incapacity
– Drunk or drug abuse
– Affected by prescribed medication drugs
– Delirium from toxic and metabolic effects of acute infections e.g. septicaemia, pneumonia, cholecystitis or cholangitis, or urinary tract infection
– Celebral infections without irreversible damage to the brain
– Cerebral vascular accident which are able to recover
– Head injury without irreversible damage to the brain

Fluctuating Capacity
– Early stage dementia
– Clinical depression
– Schizophrenia

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Book a doctor’s visit with us here
  • Step 2: Our doctor will give you a call to find out more about the reason for the mental capacity assessment and if suitable for home assessment of mental capacity, our doctor will conduct the assessment at your home
  • Step 3: Our doctor will submit the Mental Capacity Assessment form to AIC on your behalf

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Why have a Mental Capacity Assessment at home?

Saves Time

No travelling time and no queueing at a clinic

Comfort & Privacy

We come to you, anywhere in Singapore

Registered Doctors

Our assessors are registered with Singapore Medical Council

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