IV Infusion
Get procedures done at home. Save time, money, effort, and eliminate risks of hospital infections
What is IV Infusion Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy refers to the administration of medication, fluids and/or nutrients into a vein, usually located at the forearm. By introducing the treatment directly into the veins, IV is the fastest way to deliver treatment throughout the body.

Common uses of IV Infusion Therapy at home
    • Replenishment of fluids and electrolytes
    • Administration of medications:
      • Antibiotics for patients who are currently fighting infections or are at higher risk of infections due to weakened immunity
      • Chemotherapy for patients who are battling certain types of cancers
      • Pain relief medications
    • Delivery of nutrition and supplementation for patients who are unable to consume food and drinks by mouth. eg. total parenteral nutrition (TPN) infusion
How can we help?

How can our nurses help?

Equipment Setup

  • Rental of pumps, accessories
  • Purchase of consumables

Nursing Support

  • IV administration
  • Peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) dressing change

Caregiver Training

  • How to self-administer
  • How to use & manage equipment
  • Care Coordination
  • Regular updates to physician in charge if required
  • Call support whenever needed

Note: A doctor’s prescription is required for any form of IV treatment. Things to be included in the prescription include dosage, frequency and route of administration.

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by licensed nurses


by licensed nurses

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Why do IV infusion therapy at home?

Save on hospital visits

Save on hospital visits

Avoid long waits and reduce the risk of infections in the hospital
Comfort and privacy

Comfort and privacy

Nursing procedures can be done in the comfort of your home with the same level of effectiveness as in the hospital
Faster response time

Faster response time

We are able to get a nurse to you in as quickly as 2 hours (urgent charges may apply)
Lower overall cost

Lower overall cost

No hefty ambulance and A&E fees