A Care Coordinator that cares

A wave of panic came over the household as Han Teen’s father pulled out his NG tube during a physiotherapy session. At a loss, Han Teen turned to Catherine, her personal Jaga-Me care coordinator to request for an urgent NG tube insertion. In that same afternoon, Han Teen was pleasantly surprised to find Catherine, knocking on her door to administer the insertion herself.


“The two times that I engaged Jaga-Me’s service, I am happy and pleasantly surprised, especially when Catherine came down to do the job (NGT insertion) herself!”

As a full-time caregiver for her aged father, Han Teen has had disappointing experiences with home care, which has taught her to take more precautions with whom she allows to care for her father. “The integrity of the nurses is the most important”, says Han Teen, and it is with great relief that she has found Jaga-Me’s service to be one that she can depend on.

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