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About Jaga-me

Bringing care to thousands since 2016.

Jaga-Me is a mobile health company. Our purpose is to enable patients to obtain healthcare services comfortably and safely at home, through the use of our digital platform. Learn more about us on our homepage →

Over the past 3 years, we’ve brought care to 2000+ families. We’ve also partnered with established institutions to extend our impact:

How it works

You're not alone.
We'll take care of everything.

Nursing Support

  • TPN Administration
  • PICC dressing change

Equipment Setup

  • Rental of pumps
  • Rental of accessories

Caregiver Training

  • How to self administer
  • How to use & manage equipment
  • Escalation plans

Care Coordination

  • Regular updates to physician in charge if required
  • Call support whenever needed

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Why Home Infusion

Getting IV treatment shouldn't be a hassle.

Jaga-Me provides a continuation of professionally safe intravenous (IV) treatment* at home when patients are medically fit for discharge.

This enables earlier discharge & saves patients the trouble of returning to hospitals just for the treatment.

*You will need a prescription from a doctor for us to administer the Infusion Therapy.

Cut Hospital Visits

No long waits, less risk of infections from hospital

Comfort & Privacy

We come to you, anywhere in Singapore! 

Lower Overall Costs

No hefty ambulance and A&E fees

Fast Response Time

As quickly as 2 hours*
*Urgent charges may apply


Specially Trained in Infusion Therapy & Home Care

All nurses in this program have undergone specialised training – including how to manage anaphylactic occurrences (an adverse reaction to antibiotics, common in oncology patients).

They are also experienced in home care and are able to offer guidance in adapting home after discharge.

In addition, they are:


Communication is just as important as technical competence. Our local nurses speak English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese and Dialects such as Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, etc.


A valid Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certificate.


All nurses have minimum 3 years of acute ward experience and more in the home setting.

Continuously Trained

We provide our nurses with training and upgrading workshops to empower them to provide better care.

Get Cancer Care at Home

Everyone deserves the best.
Your life, our commitment.

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Need urgent care?
Call us at 67173737.

Updates to Jaga-Me Home Personal Caregiving Services from 6th March 2024. Read more.