3 reasons why joining Jaga-Me as an intern was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

Hi everyone! I’m Ying Xuan, a Year 3 Business student from NUS. I will be ending my internship with Jaga-Me soon to embark on a year long NOC program in Shanghai, and i thought I would just pen down a few thoughts about my experience here over the past 3 amazing months for anyone who is looking into joining the healthcare industry, or experience working in a start-up for a change. 🙂

The past 3 months at Jaga-Me making healthcare accessible to the masses has really given me joy coming into work every day, and a sense of ownership and fulfilment in doing what I do. I really loved my job here, and here are 3 reasons why joining Jaga-Me as an intern was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Jaga-Me Family


1. Sense of fulfilment and purpose in the job 

In doing internships and preparing to enter the workforce full-time after I graduate, I find myself constantly asking myself,

“What exactly do I want and look out for in a job?”

The answer was not as straightforward. Between weighing the different factors like pay, work culture, promotion opportunities and more, I realised that job fulfilment and a sense of purpose plays a big part in loving what I do.

The thought of being a working adult made me imagine that I will be spending a bulk of my life at work, – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – So if work was going to fill such a big part of my life, there has to be something more than just accepting jobs as they are. I remember reading that Millennials constantly look for context in everything they do- We need to know why are we doing what we do, why the business exists, and how much the company mission means to us. Millennials want to understand why they show up at the office every single day, and whether the work they do is really making an impact, a difference.

Jaga-Me brings healthcare to homes. (Featured on Straits Times)


Working at Jaga-Me was exactly that. Here, our work is always centred around providing the best care for our clients and families. My marketing head, Japhia always emphasised on the meaning behind our work, and would constantly remind us that ultimately, our job is to provide the opportunity for patients to recover comfortably at home, and to provide caregivers respite and a piece of mind. Every marketing campaign, every article and Facebook post that goes out is thoroughly thought through from the perspective of our mission and vision.

The founders also always encourage interns to follow Jaga-Me nurses on their home visits, so we can see first hand how our home nurses help families. As I followed Ling (Co-founder/ Nurse) to one procedure case to change the urinary catheter of a bed bound patient, I was really humbled and touched by the empathy that filled that space. (You can read about some of our home-visit experiences here.)

BASH @our office stands for “Build Amazing Startups Here”. How awesome is that?! #inspirational

I felt that the work at Jaga-Me, by decentralising healthcare to homes, truly helps to solve a gap in Singapore’s healthcare industry, and I could see how it impacts many patients and families. All of which brings a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment to everything I do, to be a part of making healthcare a little bit better in our society. This sense of purpose and fulfilment is what motivates me to come to work everyday with a spring in my step. 🙂

Millennials want to understand why they show up at the office every single day, and whether the work they do is really making an impact, a difference.”

2. Inspiring Co-founders and Smothering guidance and mentorship 

An important part of being an intern is probably also being able to be inspired everyday by the people and things around you that keep you motivated in your job. When I first came into Jaga-Me, I was a bright-eyed intern that really admired the co-founders, for they exuded confidence and calmness in their words and actions. Over time, I respected how hard they worked, the sacrifices they had to make, and their humility.

There was one time our CEO, Julian, and I were distributing brochures. I thought to myself, “this is a job that could be easily passed on to an intern.” However, he stayed with me all the way from 3pm-7pm, personally speaking to everyone about what Jaga-Me is while giving out brochures! What made me respect him even more, was that he would randomly share with me his observations and insights whilst distributing the brochures! It was a surprise, as brochure distribution seems like something insignificant, but he was able to make it a learning experience. #inspiration

Marketing team photo at Nurses day BBQ! (Ben, Me, Japh, Evonne)


Smothering‘ guidance and mentorship, (as what Ben would call it) were given because the founders would constantly ask us what we have learnt, so we would always have the opportunity to reflect. (Literally, after everything we do, we would be asked for our learnings- which makes it smothering *laughs*) We were also given opportunities to present our ideas, thoughts or learnings in monthly all hands meetings or weekly team meetings, which empowers us to initiate changes that will make an impact in the company! This allowed me a positive and encouraging space to grow and learn as a marketing student.

We also have many chances to present our ideas, thoughts or learnings in monthly all hands meetings or weekly team meetings, which really gives us the autonomy to initiate changes that will make an impact in the company! 

Ling cooked Mentaiko Spaghetti and scallops for lunch for us in the pantry, while the interns helped out


3. Amazing work culture and colleagues

“When you create a place people want to return to, you create a place people have a hard time leaving.” -Lee Caraher

What I love about this start up culture, is that because of our size, we have an advantage for inter-department communication and collaboration. If marketing requires help from tech team, for example, they are always just one ‘seat’ away. (ref point:one call away’- Charlie Puth). Julian, Ling, and Aaron are also always available if you have any questions despite their busy schedules, which really eliminates bottlenecks at work and allows us to be more efficient.

The draw-factor about working in a start-up is the ‘flattened hierarchy’. Our bosses are always there to listen to what interns have to say, and they take these feedback and thoughts into consideration. The open culture makes it easy for us to voice our opinions. Because no suggestion or feedback is brushed off, we, as interns, feel valued. This creates a safe space for people to make contributions, make ideas a reality, and see the fruits of our labour.

Quick snapshot while we were filming for Singtel’s national day video!


Also, it is a norm to lunch as a company everyday. This is something I really appreciate as it creates an inclusive and fun environment! We also have a self-appointed chief happiness officer who would also try to initiate monthly bonding sessions so that we can just hang out and chill as a company!

Jaga-Me @Haidilao after a hard day’s work!!


Jaga-Me eating Peranakan food for Terence’s farewell dinner!


For those who are interested in what i did and my job scope at Jaga-Me, i basically did a lot of marketing related work with my team! The work in a start up is really dynamic and fluid, so we get to help out in many areas and pick up different skills! We get to take charge of various projects, and we help one another out as well!

A random photoshoot day!


If all these sound exciting to you, i can assure you that working in a start up will give you loads of opportunities to grow, learn, and take ownership of your own projects.

All in all, my internship with Jaga-Me has not only allowed me to discover what I am passionate in, it has also helped me be more steadfast in my entrepreneurial dreams to make a difference in the society. The ‘Stay humble, hustle hard’ attitude that resonates so much in this company will always teach me to be genuine and honest in everything I do, so that our clients can truly feel our sincerity too!


Thank you Jaga-Me and all my bosses and fellow colleagues and interns for this amazing opportunity. 🙂 Till next time!